About Us

It's all about relationships

One of our core values is to act responsibly and with integrity so you can feel good about indulging in our chocolate.

We’re committed to fair, ethical trade, so we source our Arriba Nacional cocoa beans directly from the farmers in Ecuador.

We get to work directly with farmers who are passionate about growing cocoa beans, and who want to produce the best beans they can.

We agree to pay them a premium for properly fermented and sun dried cocoa beans.

Every step of our journey is carefully considered; from sourcing the world’s finest cocoa beans, to our packaging. So treat your senses and enjoy our chocolate.

Vegan Friendly

Our chocolate is suitable for vegans

Bean to Bar

Our main ingredient is cocoa beans


We’re committed to buying and selling our chocolate responsibly

Single Plantation

We use single-origin and single varietal cocoa beans with no added preservatives or oil


Made in small batches and the whole process can take days

Fine Flavour

We use the highest quality cocoa beans

The Family

Rio Nuevo was founded by married couple, Andres from Ecuador and Sara from Colombia. Both of whom love chocolate but at the same time want to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their families.

Now living in Cornwall and with their direct connections to the cocoa farmers in Ecuador, they create delicious chocolate using only ethically sourced single estate Arriba Nacional cocoa beans.

This is not just chocolate… it’s chocolate with a purpose!

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