Cooking Chocolate

Our chocolate offers you countless flavour possibilities and you can use it to express your creativity. We work directly with cacao producers in Ecuador to explore the different flavour profiles that can be achieved in origin to bring the highest quality and finest flavours in chocolate.

Our cooking chocolate is perfect for sweet and savoury dishes, including, desserts, cookies ice creams, sauces, chocolate spreads and much more.

Our cooking chocolate is available in different percentages, forms and weights. Contact us to find out more.

Therese Gustafsson

This beautiful and delicious chocolate + caramel tart, chocolate + olive oil mousse, rhubarb compote was created by Therese Gustafsson in Hackney.

Mariana Chaves

Mariana Chaves makes a delicious Chocolate and Raspberry dessert using our baking chocolate. It consists of a chocolate mousse with cacao husk caramel, raspberries, chocolate tuile, and crystallised chocolate. Simply divine.

Sam Brotchie

This is a chocolate dessert created with Rio Nuevo Chocolate by chef Sam Brotchie.

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